Get your first look at Riot Games’ Valorant with these official screenshots

Take a peek at Riot’s next game.


Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has announced that their next game will be Valorant, an upcoming tactical shooter that, until now, has been known as Project A. 

The game is a 5v5 competitive shooter with character-based classes, all of which have their own abilities. Matches will play out in a best-of-24-rounds format, and the game will have buy windows between rounds, similar to CS:GO

The official screenshots show off some of the new maps, characters, and weapons that the game will include on launch day. Map design seems a little more inspired by games like CS:GO than anything else, with long straights that require great accuracy to clear out, or that provoke a need to rush from spawn before the other team can get too entrenched, and well placed small pieces of cover that allow players to pivot between different points of entry to try to hold ground. 

Riot has said that real-world locations inspire the maps, but stylized for the game’s futuristic setting. The characters all hail from real-world settings as well, while the weapons appear to be a mix of laser weapons and projectile weapons. There also seems to be a very Kalishnakov looking gun in the mix, which is a must for any game looking to riff on the Counter-Strike formula. 

Below, you can find all the screenshots that Riot Games has released for Valorant so far.

Valorant One
Valorant Two
Valorant Three
Valorant Four
Valorant Five
Valorant Six
Valorant Seven
Valorant Eight
Valorant Nine