Ghost of Tsushima “Bumped Later Into 2020” But Not Coming To PS5


A few hours ago, we reported about The Last of Us Part II to turn it into a PS5 game or anything suddenly to May 29, 2020, just one month after its release date got announced. But it looks like it’s not the sole delay in the PlayStation portfolio.

At least, based on the latest rumors, it seems that Ghost of Tsushima might have been pushed internally into an even later 2020 launch window. That’s a report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, so it looks somewhat reliable.

It’s worth noting that the game “doesn’t have a public release date yet,” so it’s not right to say that the game has been delayed. Anyway, it seems that the original window was fixed at an earlier time, even though that has not been mentioned yet.

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have a public release date yet, but it’ll also be bumped later into 2020 to account for this delay,” said Schreier. Don’t expect them to suddenly turn it into a PS5 game or anything, but it was originally planned for the first half of the year – not anymore.”

So, the latest from Sucker Punch was originally expected to release in the first half of the year, and perhaps a brand new reveal was expected for the latter half of 2019, but plans have been changed over the last few months or weeks.

The journalist mentions anyway that it’s not like the game is being shifted to PlayStation 5, so it’s still likely coming before November 2020 when the next generation of console is ultimately launching.