Ghost of Tsushima Had “Considerable Delays” Due To PlayStation 5, New Reveal In 2020

While we have a release date for Death Stranding for Nov. 8, 2019, we only have clues about The Last of Us Part II. Many believe it’ll be dropping in early 2020. However, the third PlayStation 4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima has yet to reveal its release window.

According to a new rumor, the situation will remain the same as today for a long while. There’s another State of Play coming in November, and it won’t feature the game, but it will provide an explanation for the Ghost of Tsushima’s delay.

Based on this intel coming from 4chan, Sucker Punch has “encountered considerable delays” as it was required a “greater work on the technical side (…) for textures and framerates,” as Sony has pushed for a “technical upgrade” led “by the new hardware features of PlayStation 5.”

It’s not clear whether this means that the game is getting worked on in two different versions, one for PlayStation 5 and the other for the current-gen PS4. They could have the title ready for a backward compatibility feature that will get implemented in the next-generation system on day one.

However, according to the rumor, Ghost of Tsushima‘s next reveal is going to happen at the big event where PlayStation 5 would get revealed, the PlayStation Meeting rumored for Feb. 12, 2020. Should this leak be real, we’d have more information on the game relatively soon.