Ghost Of Tsushima Releases August 30, 2019, According To A Retailer

The three biggest PS4 exclusive still don’t have a release date nor window, but apparently there’s someone out there who’s rather convinced about at least one.

According to Swedish retailer Spelbutiken, indeed, Ghost of Tsushima has already been given a proper release date.

As you’ll see, it’s much closer than anticipated, at least by looking at the materials shared until now and the interview of Sucker Punch team members.

Anyway, Spelbutiken has just attached the game with an August 30, 2019 release date, which means the game would be out in around five months.

That’s rather crazy to be honest and we don’t really believe this is happening anytime soon, but it’s worth noting this isn’t the first rumor to claim those big PS4 exclusive are dropping later this year.

We’ve already reported about The Last of Us Part II believed to be dropping as soon as October 31, according to a Peruvian retailer.

So, while that sounds crazy indeed, it’s nice to see that at least something is moving in terms of releases from Sony’s first-party studios.