Ghost Of Tsushima Will Be At Tokyo Game Show, But There’s A Catch


The remaining next big exclusives for PlayStation 4 are slowly arriving the market over the next few months. Death Stranding is releasing on Nov. 8, The Last of Us Part II is rumored to release sometime in May 2020, and Ghost of Tsushima may have run into some trouble.

Going by the latest rumors, we ‘know’ that the game by Sucker Punch is a bit late on the target. Sony might want to use it to showcase the features of the PlayStation 5, on top of the PlayStation 4 version that’s going to release.

However, Sony now has listed Ghost of Tsushima in its Tokyo Game Show 2019 lineup, which sparked a bit of hope and illusion among fans. The title was introduced as present with a “trailer,” even though it won’t be playable. What’s worse, though, is that the trailer won’t feature new gameplay features.

“I’d imagine they’re just showing our old trailers at the booth,” said Andrew Goldfarb, Sucker Punch communications manager. “We have no plans for TGS.”

It’s weird to see that Sucker Punch learned from the Internet that its game was going to get shown at the incoming Tokyo Game Show, which happens from Sept. 12 to the 15. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll get anything new from the event.