Ghost Recon Breakpoint Developers Recognize Faults, Lay Out Improvement Plans


Earlier this month, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint came out with a mixed reception. Due to several bugs and other issues, the game got off to a rough start. However, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint developers seem to have taken these complaints to heart and promise to improve the game going forward.

In a recently released statement, the team behind Ghost Recon Breakpoint discusses some of the issues players have had with the game and describe how they intend to fix them. The report mentions the bugs and stability issues the game has before promising update 1.0.3 in mid-November.

This update is set to fix problems in changing the rate of fire, deploying Drones, NVGs blocking crosshairs, and the Mission Completion notification. More issues will get fixed in update, which is going to release in late November.

The statement then goes on to describe some of the post-launch content players can expect. The first new raid coming to the game, called Project Titan, is set for release sometime in December. Then, The Terminator Live Event will take place sometime later.

Also promised are adjustments to the in-game economy and adding AI Teammates to the game. There will also be further gameplay adjustments allowing players to “tailor your experience to the way you want to enjoy the game.” What specifically some of these gameplay adjustments will have yet to get detailed. The team promises to keep the player community updated as they continue working on these adjustments.

The statement ends by encouraging players to continue to share their feedback, but also explaining that significant changes will take time to implement.