Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Immersive Mode has been delayed

You’ll need to wait a little longer.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced a delay to the release of both Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Immersive Mode and the new Engineer class. The announcement was made in a blog post to the official Ghost Recon Breakpoint website.

Immersive Mode promises to be a rebuild of the game, with feedback taken directly from the community, but it appears the amount of work involved has been a bit too much for the team, and the timeline for release needs to be changed. “The complexity of integrating this new mode has proven to be a challenge and we want to ensure that the experience will be a great one when it releases,” reads the official statement.

The future update will now include the Immersive Mode, the Engineer class, and Episode 2, but no exact date has been given for release. Ubisoft still wants to release the game during the Spring, with another update about the mode promised for Mar. 5.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint puts you in the boots of a titular Ghost, tasked with finding out what is happening on an island known for housing a supersmart robot builder, so you know it’s nothing good. The game promised a deep and immersive experience and a feeling of being trapped behind enemy lines in the run-up to release, but this rapidly fell apart when you arrive at a social area behind a waterfall and are surrounded by other players.

The game had a very disappointing launch for Ubisoft, to the point where the company decided to delay the release of some other games it had been working on. The Immersive Mode has been seen by many as Ubisoft’s attempt to right the ship before it sinks completely, and many people will undoubtedly be angry about this delay.