Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won’t Feature Any Friendly AI In Solo Mode


After the main reveal for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft switched to a more relaxed livestream where developers answered questions sent in by fans. Questions from the chat were put to Matthew Tomkinson, the Director for UX and Realisation, and Joe Gringras, a member of the Realization Game Team.

One of the questions they were asked was if there would be friendly AI in the game. In Wildlands, you could play through the full game in cooperative mode, or with three friendly AI playing the roles of the other Ghosts. This is not the case with Breakpoint. While there will be four-player cooperative play, if you play solo then it truly means solo, there will be no friendly AI there to help you out. They did add the caveat that you will not be able to play the Raid in solo mode, that will be a dedicated four-player cooperative experience.

The developers stated that they want the solo play to feel like a true lone wolf experience, with the player trapped behind enemy lines and cut off from any possible source of help from the outside world. You will be able to seamlessly switch between the two, playing in solo if you prefer, then joining up with friends and holding on to the gear, equipment, and experience that you have earned.

It remains to be seen how enemy scaling will work between the two modes, but I do find this very interesting. The two main methods of scaling enemies in games are that they either become more common or tougher to kill. I am not a big fan of having to control friendly AI players while I am trying to do my own thing and would prefer to just commit to the lone wolf vibe when friends are not around. How exactly it all plays out remains to be seen, however.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will release on Oct 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.