Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s tactical evolution | E3 2019


Ubisoft is bringing back the gritty tactics in their new Ghost Recon game, Breakpoint, as their E3 Press Conference offers up some more details and gameplay on the title.

Fighting in the world of Aurora, you play Nomad, and with your team must use the terrain to your advantage as you use tactics to progress your way through the game. Ubisoft revealed some new information on the game, including that you will be coming up against the former Ghosts, named the Wolves. Actor John Bernthal was also confirmed to be the model for the main antagonist of the game.

They also announced Delta Company, a community forum where players can share their experiences with the game.

The game is set to have a much heavier emphasis on survival than the previous entry in the series, Wildlands. It will still take place in an open-world, but enemies will be much smarter at coordinating against attacks and will generally stick together more often to make ambushes and tactical approaches more challenging to pull off successfully. Aurora is more significant than the map in Wildlands and will include vehicles across land, sea, and air that the players can use. The game will also include a class-based system, allowing four different classes at launch to allow for team balancing and increase specialization amongst each player.

The game will include the ability to team up with three friends. Initially, Breakpoint would not include AI-controlled teammates, meaning that solo players would need to consider their progress without cover. This decision got reversed during the E3 conference following feedback from the community. Also unlike previous games in the series, the game will require a constant internet connection for the game to be played. These details hint that the game will take a similar structure to Ubisoft’s The Division series, acting as a Live Service game.

Ubisoft announced that there would be a public BETA for the game, which is set to take place on September 5. These announcements follow a Technical/Stress test, which happened earlier this month. You can sign up for it here.