Girls’ Game Labs gets rare opportunity to go inside Rockstar Games

The usually-secretive studio is opening its doors for a great cause this month.

Rockstar Games has been known for their secretive nature, rarely letting any outside looks into the inner-goings of their offices. That is about to change, however, at least for a day, when the developer opens its doors to Girls’ Game Lab on Feb. 22.

Girls’ Game Labs is an organization aimed at teaching young girls the skills they need to create their own video games. Run by women in the industry who are working to show girls they can be successful in the business, the program is designed for girls ages 8 to 12. During the partnership with Rockstar, the girls will meet the developers and get hands-on experience inside the Edinburgh-based office.

Activities will include designing plot and characters, programming using the Stencil app, designing levels, and showcasing some games created by local game developers. The entire thing will be hosted by developers who worked on Red Dead Redemption II. Most importantly, the entire event will be free for these young girls.

Unfortunately, tickets and registration have already sold out, but you can still visit the event page for more information about what kind of experience this event will provide.

Rockstar is known to rarely open its doors to the public, and its willingness to do it for this cause is really awesome to see. Girls’ Game Labs is working to break down a lot of the stereotypes and stigmas within the gaming industry, and it helps to encourage young girls to pursue their dreams. While they have worked with studios like Playground Games—the studio responsible for the Forza Horizon series—this is definitely the biggest developer they have partnered with yet.

Rockstar has often tackled and mocked the stereotypes and stigmas in society through their games, and we ‘re happy to see them bringing that into the real world with this partnership.