Octopath Studio Dev Confirms New Gladiator Game, Possibly Coming To Next-Gen Consoles


It’s funny how something can come full circle, especially if it’s as obscure as Gladiator Begins.

In the upcoming issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Acquire, the studio behind the hit role-playing adventure Octopath Traveler, will discuss its latest project, Gladiux, produced in conjunction with the developers at Starcaster Games. According to Acquire CEO Takuma Endo, Gladiux is loosely based on the classic PSP game Gladiator Begins, but with a much bigger budget, and on Unreal Engine technology.

However, the team at Starcaster Games provided some clarity on the project in a Skype conversation with Gamepur. First, the new game is not a port of Gladiator Begins, but rather an entirely new game. The team explained that the game will revolve “around multiple characters across multiple time periods,” but they wouldn’t elaborate on the narrative further at present.

Starcaster did, however, provide a first look at Gladiux on its official website. Initial images feature a glimpse of some of the environments and battle arenas, as well as a first look at its warriors. Customization looks to play an important part here, with varying armor, weapons and shields.





In the upcoming interview with Famitsu, Acquire CEO Endo says that Gladiux could potentially release for PlayStation 5. However, it doesn’t look to be an exclusive, as Starcaster Games noted in our interview that it’s coming to various platforms. A release date isn’t available yet, but the official website does note it will release in 2020.