Goat Simulator Developer Creates Initiative For Women in Gaming


Gender inequality remains a major problem in the gaming industry, but one studio is taking a huge step forward to close the gap. Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios has announced “Leveling the Playing Field,” a new initiative that provides funds to women in game development.

The program focuses on small development teams and startups with “at least as many women as men in their company.” One Danish/Swedish studio, Other Tales Interactive, has already received support through Leveling the Playing Field for the studio’s first title, a two-player adventure game called Tick Tock: A Tale for Two.

“We are super excited about collaborating with Coffee Stain and to be a part of their initiative Leveling the Playing Field,” Tanja Tankred, a co-founder for Other Tales Interactive, said in the press release. “It’s great that Coffee Stain are actively working towards diversifying the game industry and we are looking forward to seeing more awesome companies getting the same opportunities.”

Leveling the Playing Field has a few requirements for interested studios and startups. At least half the team has to have women employed, the team needs to be “small,” and applicants must request “less than 1,000,000 SEK,” which roughly translates to around $127,470. From there, Coffee Stain will look at applicants and get back with a response.

“In the Swedish games industry only 18 percent of its employees are women,” Coffee Stain founder and CEO Anton Westbergh said in the press release. “This number is increasing every year, however at Coffee Stain we are way too impatient to idly sit by and wait for true equality in the industry to come about.”

To apply, applicants simply need to send an email to Coffee Stain with an introduction and any appropriate materials, from a playable demo to a design document.

For more information on the initiative, head on over to Coffee Stain Studios’ official press release on the company’s website.

H/T PCGamesN