Goblin Giant is the latest Clash Royale card


The September update has officially gone live in Clash Royale, which means that a new card (among other features) is now available. 

The Goblin Giant is a six-elixir Epic card that can be unlocked by any player who reaches Arena Nine, the Jungle Arena. It’s the latest card introduced to Clash Royale since Royal Recruits entered the arena on Aug. 7.

With this card, you’ll spawn a jolly green giant who has two Spear Goblins on its back. The developers also said that because this card is a Goblin, it’ll move slightly faster than other Giants in Clash Royale

When compared to similar Giants in this game, the Goblin Giant doesn’t quite stack up statistically in other categories. At tournament level (level nine), the Goblin Giant has 2,394 hit points, deals 146 damage, and 85 damage per second. But at the same level, the original Giant card has 3,344 hit points, deals 211 damage, and 140 damage per second. And the Royal Giant has slightly better statistics, too: 2,544 hit points, 159 damage, and 93 damage per second.

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It’s safe to assume, however, that Clash Royale players will likely develop some interesting strategies with the card now that it’s officially in the game.

The one advantage that Goblin Giant has over the other Giants, though, pertains to the little guys on his back. The Spear Goblins will protect the Goblin Giant from your opponent’s defensive troops. This means, in theory, that you could end up dealing more damage with Goblin Giant if the Spear Goblins keep it alive longer.

There’s a lot to be excited about in Clash Royale right now, and the Goblin Giant is just one of the awesome features that Supercell introduced in today’s update.