15 minutes of God of War gameplay will get you even more hyped for its release next month


If you’re craving some blood-thirsty Norse action this Monday, PlayStation has just the video for you with this brand new look at 15 minutes of God of War gameplay.

This is the most extensive look yet at the gameplay for the newest entry in Sony’s long-running series, and it’s way different than what we’ve become used to in past entries.

Gone are Kratos’s chain blades, instead replaced with a magical axe that can be thrown at enemies like a boomerang as well as be used as a melee weapon. The gameplay shows off the new axe along with a shield, which allows Kratos to parry enemy attacks.

One of the more interesting mechanics was using the axe to throw it at an enemy and freeze them in place, allowing Kratos to focus on another combatant with his fists. It all looks fluid and accessible, and incredibly beautifully rendered. You can even throw the axe at enemy’s legs to trip them up.

Kratos’s son, Atreus, also has a dedicated button on the DualShock 4 controller, which will allow you to command him to do various actions. This is obviously entirely new for the series, and it will be interesting to see how it changes things up.

Screengrab via PlayStation YouTube

The classic Spartan Rage meter is still around, though, as Kratos still somehow has a lot of anger to release. Once it charges up, Kratos can unleash special attacks. Any worries of Kratos the dad being less brutal or violent than before have been squelched.

The game also looks to have some RPG elements, as Kratos can upgrade his stats and attributes, as well as equip new armor and upgrade his weaponry, too. This might just be the deepest, longest God of War title yet.

The 15-minute video is absolutely worth your time if you’re thinking about picking up the game, or if you just want the hype train to speed up even further. God of War releases for PlayStation 4 on April 20.