God of War Creator Working On Firewatch, Edith Finch-Like Game


It’s been a while since we’ve heard about more games coming from God of War creator David Jaffe, and now here he is again.

Jaffe has created the franchise revolving around Kratos, which has ultimately had the greatest return possible on PlayStation 4 under the creative vision of Cory Barlog.

His last title was a PS4 exclusive called Drawn to Death, which was quite different from his previous efforts since it was a free-to-play multiplayer game built together with SIE San Diego.

Anyway, it failed to reach good success, and Jaffe had to shut his studio, called The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency.

Now, it seems that the creator of God of War and Twisted Metal is ready to make a great comeback similar to Kratos’.

On Twitter, he has shared that he is looking into building a brand new single-player game, which could be inspired by the last few things he’s loved in gaming: Inside, Firewatch and Edith Finch.

“The new game I’m designing is single Player, story-based, and designed (and BUDGETED) to be played/completed in 3-4 hours,” Jaffe revealed.

He’s mentioned those games as an influence in a separate tweet but even like that the original description looks rather fitting. As for the price, he also said he would like to sell it at 9,99 or max 14,99 dollars at launch.

Hopefully, this next venture of David Jaffe won’t go as bad as Drawn to Death, and being single-player we support him on that!