God of War Director Discusses Sonic the Hedgehog Redesign

Sonic’s look in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been the talk of the Internet for the last few days, and many from the entertainment industry have weighed on the matter.

In particular, we’ve reported about the claims of the movie director that the character will go through a redesign process due to the backlash from the fans all over the world after the first trailer released.

While that’s a relief for those fans, since, Sonic looked very bad in that trailer, there’s always a matter of leaving an author free to express his vision on a character or a franchise no matter how much it is established and beloved.

One of those authors who has recently worked, and reworked, a beloved character and franchise is Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog, who’s made Kratos a dad and God of War an action adventure game.

Barlog talked about the Sonic affair on Twitter, saying that “really don’t know how I feel about creating in this kind of world,” expressing his sadness due to the fans almost forcing the crew to change the work that they had done before on the character.

“Important to keep the pulse of the audience but this makes it harder to try something different that, at first may seem like too much change, but on completion might surprise us.”

Indeed, think of Santa Monica Studio returning to the roots of the God of War franchise after the initial reveal of the latest PS4 exclusive game led to a backlash from the most hardcore fans: we might’ve missed last year’s GOTY.

So, is it right to have forced Sonic the Hedgehog director into promise a redesign of the character? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.