Godfall will have you slashing and looting after being revealed for a 2020 launch


Godfall, a brand new third-person fantasy looter “slasher” by Counterplay Games, came out during The Game Awards 2019.

This new IP is going to try and put a new spin on how the looter genre. However, we didn’t see any gameplay. All we have to go off of is the designs shown in the trailer.

It has a traditional-looking group of characters in different armors that look like they are approaching a cool looking Hydra monster. Just the character and creature designs alone really paint Godfall out to be something that will be very visually pleasing.

And, as the developers mentioned when talking to Geoff Keighley after the reveal, the game will be launching exclusively for both the Epic Games Store on PC and the PlayStation 5.

Godfall will launch in the Holiday Season 2020 for both platforms, with more information coming soon.