GOG GALAXY 2 client Closed Beta launches


The follow-up to GOG.com’s game management client Galaxy has launched its closed BETA today. If you signed up for the BETA, check your email inbox for an invitation to download the new client.

In a Tweet from the store’s main Twitter account, the beta client is set to include a number of the new features. Game tracking and management across multiple formats including Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and other, is also part of the client, though currently, the full extent of features implemented is unknown.

The original GOG Galaxy client launched in 2014 to allow those who purchased games from the main website to keep their games up-to-date with any patches or updates. It continued the company ethos of DRM-Free as it was an optional feature, more critical for those with a multiplayer game or newer releases. While the Galaxy client is recommended, you can still download any purchases directly from the website.

GOG.com, owned by the parent company of Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher developer CDProjekt Red, has been praised for its selection of classic titles updated to work with newer operating systems and its approach to DRM, opting against restricting users to an online platform after downloading a game.

The new client also received official support from Microsoft earlier this month after the Xbox brand confirmed its partnership with GOG for the service. How much of an impact the new service will have is unknown with Steam having a stranglehold on the PC market, and Epic Game Store taking many games as exclusives that would otherwise have come to GOG and Steam. However, with the ability to communicate cross-platform via the service, it could be an excellent method of chatting with friends across multiple platforms and could be the first step to seeing cross-play become more standard in the industry.