GOG Introduces User Profiles For Tracking Gameplay Statistics and Achievements

Less than a week after GOG teased the feature, User Profiles are now available for players on both GOG Galaxy and GOG.com.

User Profiles add a social networking twist to GOG, letting gamers share their online activity with other GOG users. The system is built mainly around players’ feeds, where users can tell their friends what games they’ve been playing, what forums they’re posting on, what achievements they’ve unlocked, and any screenshots they have to share from playing games on GOG, among other things.

GOG users can also use their profiles to share status updates, such as how their day is going or whether they enjoyed the latest sale. Players can even customize their profiles by adding wallpaper from their favorite games, such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Costume Quest.

Meanwhile, User Profiles also feature a friends list that lets users invite their online buddies to play multiplayer games together. The feature also tells users which games their friends are playing the most and lets players compare in-game statisticss with their friends. Friends can be added by typing in a fellow user’s nickname or email address.

GOG’s User Profiles larger mirror the Steam Community’s profile system, which lets players track achievements, games owned, and popular games among friends. Steam grew in popularity over the 2000s and 2010s for letting gamers chat with one another and develop groups for orchestrating in-game hangout sessions, such as Left 4 Dead 2 matches, Dota 2 tournaments, or Team Fortress 2 games, and the gaming distribution service still remains incredibly popular to this day.

User Profiles are available straight from GOG.com, but players that use the gaming distributor’s program GOG Galaxy can track their achievements, time played, and account milestones with the launcher. To check out your online profile, head on over to GOG’s official website.