Google addresses Stadia consumer complaints and “the desire to hear more specifics”

Can the Stadia bounce back?

Image via Google

Things aren’t exactly bright on the Google Stadia front at the moment.

Even with the company’s recent reveal of new Google Stadia Pro games for February, consumers have grown restless over the system’s lack of new features and releases. With that, Google has made note of these complaints, though it still hasn’t provided an immediate resolution.

Speaking with GamesIndustry International, a company spokesperson explained what’s going on with game announcements.

“We understand the desire to hear more specifics on the games,” they said. “After all, that is what it is about: the games. Of course, not all 120 titles will be announced by the Stadia team, as we leave it up to the publishers to make the announcement about their IP/games, and which platforms it will appear on—just as we will do with the exclusive content coming to Stadia.”

It noted that it will “work closely with our publishing and developing partners” to get these announcements made in due time.

The company provided an update on Stadia at the beginning of the year, noting that 120 games were coming to the Stadia platform, eventually. However, users have been skeptical, considering that the system launched in late 2019 with very few features and laggy performance across a number of titles, including older fare like the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider.

Now the real question is if Google can make the service a success in the long-term to keep its users from abandoning the platform.