Google And SEGA Partnering On Next-Gen Console – Rumor


We’ve already reported in the recent past of a next-gen Google console which should be revealed as soon as March 18, 2019 at the GDC.

Now, thanks to a rumor, we might’ve a clearer idea of the direction where the Mountain View search giant could be going into.

According to this rumor, Google is partnering with SEGA in order to build exclusive games for the platform.

The platform is reported to be playing games both locally and streaming, something which has already been launched last year under the name Project Stream.

The rumor, coming from YouTube channel Spawn Wave, hints at SEGA closely working with Google on the console but most prominently from a software perspective.

The studio would be working on several titles which should come in exclusively to the platform, based on the intel.

Anyway, we don’t have many clue about where this rumor is coming from nor names for at least a few of those games.

It is worth noting that SEGA has only Team Sonic Racing and Judgment announced thus far, so there’s a chance it has been working secretly on some other stuff for and with Google.

We’ll learn more about that on March 18, 2019.