Google Stadia’s Latest Release Borderlands 3 Is a Two-Month Old Build

Borderlands 3 has just released on Google Stadia, but there’s a catch: the version of the looter shooter now available to play on the cloud gaming platform is a two-month-old build.

Gearbox Software made the announcement in a blog post and discussed the launch of this new release, “we aim to achieve feature parity for all versions of Borderlands 3 early in 2020,” and at the time being, you’ll get an older build compared to PC and consoles.

“For the moment, the version of the game that you play on Stadia has benefitted from the updates and fixes that were released through October 24,” added Gearbox. Similarly, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, the first paid DLC for Borderlands 3, will launch a little later than other platforms.

While we don’t have the specifics of this new version, Gearbox claims that “the Stadia version of Borderlands 3 can be played in 4K with a Stadia Pro subscription and the proper TV setup.”

Achieving 4K resolution on Google Stadia has been quite troublesome since Nov. 19, 2019’s release, as other games like Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 have opted for lower native resolutions, disappointing fans who had been promised 4K, 60fps and HDR right away.

Google’s Phil Harrison has replied to those claims that it offers a platform for developers to go for 4K resolutions, but that it is not forcing anyone to do so if it doesn’t allow them to express their artistic visions for their games.

Stadia has also been missing multiple key features at launch, like the Stream Connect functionality that allows you to jump in a multiplayer session on the fly. While it had not been included in launch titles, it will debut later this week, on December 19, with Ghost Recon Breakpoint.