Google Stadia To Have Exclusive Games

Google Stadia

In an interview with GameSpot, Google’s Phil Harrison has confirmed that Google Stadia is going to have exclusive games.

While the platform is not a physical console and was never meant to be anything like that, it is going for exclusive similarly to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

“It was a conversation that I had with Google leadership before I joined the company,” Harrison told the website.

“[My] point of view was in order to really deliver on the promise of this platform, we had to build our own games. We had to build our own experiences, and that was a very fundamental, strategic direction that we needed to move in.”

“I understand that [for a gamer] the word ‘exclusive’ can sometimes be a challenging terminology. [I would] rather we moved the narrative towards [games] that are built specifically for a data center.

And if those games also show up on other streaming platforms, that’s okay, because what that means is that the developers are starting to innovate and think about the future and [build] a 21st century game, rather than a 20th century game.”

With that said, Harrison was quick to point out that there will “obviously” be a title that will release “only” on Stadia.

It’ll be interesting what Jade Raymond and her Google Stadia Games and Entertainment team will be able to bring to the platform over the next few months.