Google Stadia Games And Entertainment Working On Fighting Titles

Google Stadia Full Potential and New Features Will "Blow People's Minds"

Google Stadia Games and Entertainment is working on exclusive games, even though we don’t know what those titles are going to be.

A first detail about the portfolio has apparently slipped from an interview with Google’s Phil Harrison.

Talking about latency issues, that Harrison believes won’t exist at all, he said that there are even fighting games – which usually require lag-free gameplay – in the making at the newly established studio.

“We have a couple of leading fighting games in development on our platform,” he revealed. It’s not clear whether those games are brand new or ports of other titles already around.

“I fully respect that there is a top of that [esports player] pyramid, who are typically players wearing logo t-shirts in a comfy gamer chair, and they’re investing in lowest possible latency mouse pads.

Maybe we’re not going to reach those players day one. But I think that aspirational pyramid beneath the pinnacle pro players is absolutely for Stadia.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this type of games could be working because, for example, I’ve tried Dirt Rally on PlayStation Now and it was a somewhat uncomfortable experience due to the (even slight) latency in comparison with the ‘real’ game.

Google Stadia is launching in 2019. You can read more over here.