Google Stadia Interests 58% UK Console Gamers

Image via Google

According to a new survey reported by GamesRadar+, Google Stadia has evoked a lot of interest between UK console players.

In particular, firm Harris Interactive has interviewed over 2000 participants and learned that 34% of responders are interested in subscribing to Stadia.

This interest jumps as high as 58% among console gamers, which means people who already own Xbox or PlayStation or Nintendo would join the Google platform.

Even more interestingly, 4 people out of 10 in the UK were already aware of Google Stadia withing a week of its reveal, and over a third said to be “very familiar” with the service.

This is particularly surprising if you consider that Google was only at the GDC 2019 with a keynote and post event interviews, and hasn’t started its marketing campaign yet.

Google Stadia releases 2019 and requires 30Mbps in order to run 4K gameplay.