Google Stadia will allow you to change username, first time is free

Google Stadia Full Potential and New Features Will "Blow People's Minds"

Google’s Patrick Seybold has confirmed in a statement to IGN that users of their new video-game streaming service Stadia will be able to change their username at will, with the first instance being free to the user.

The new subscription service is currently being prepared for release in November 2019. The Founder’s Edition, which includes three month’s early access, a buddy pass for a friend to join you, the Stadia’s remote control in Night Blue, a Chromecast Ultra to hook up to your TV and a Founder’s Stadia Name, available to purchase on the Google Store for $129.

It was announced last year and first introduced through a closed BETA, where players were able to try Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on their mobile devices and through Chromecast. It garnered some reportedly impressive results, with a low level of input lag, high quality, and low latency, though how sustainable this is in low-speed broadband areas remains to be seen.

The service was always going to have multiplayer, but it will include multiplayer profiles that allow players to go online with. Being able to change this was not something that was made visible but has now been confirmed by Seybold at Google. However, the cost of replacing your name after the first time was not revealed.

For comparison, Xbox Gamertag changes cost $9.99, while PlayStation users, who have only had access to the name changing service since April, are set back $4.99. PC users in comparison for the two main storefronts, Steam, and the Epic Game Store, do not charge for changing name, though the EGS is limited to one change every two weeks.