Google Stadia Was Never Meant To Have A Physical Console

Despite rumors, Google Stadia was never meant to have a physical console, said Google’s Phil Harrison during a recent interview.

Over the last few weeks, it was believed that the Mountain View giant was going to reveal a brand new box to couple with the cloud gaming at Project Stream.

“The world abhors a vacuum and when we weren’t telling the full story coming out of Project Steam, inevitability there was going to be speculation,” he said.

“There was never a console, there was never going to be a console, there never will be a console.”

Harrison added that the idea itself of a console is completely opposite to what Google thinks of gaming right now.

“The whole point of Stadia is that we are not a box, we are not specific to a device. The data center is our platform and we are screen agnostic.

That is the fundamental design promise of Stadia, that a developer can build once and scale to a variety of endpoints.”

Google’s vision for “the future of gaming” is extremely ambitious and it’s nice to see Harrison and his team have so much faith in it.

We’ll need to see where it leads, especially when it comes to the very high requirements in order to make it happen at your home.

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