Google Stadia Will Require 30Mbps To Run 4K


Google Stadia has been revealed a few hours ago and as planned the team at GDC 2019 is answering a few questions about how it technically works.

The presentation was rather sparse when it came to those particulars but, anyway, Phil Harrison has talked about that matter in a couple interview.

The one he had with Kotaku is particularly interesting, since he revealed the quality of the Internet connection you’ll be required to play Stadia games, and more.

“We were able to test a lot of this with our Project Stream test late last year, starting back in October. To get 1080p, 60 frames per second, required approximately 25 megabits per second,” he said about the Project Stream test.

“In fact, we use less than that, but that’s where we put our recommended limit at. But with innovations that we’ve made on the streamer side and on the compression side since then, when we launch, we will be able to get to 4K but only raise that bandwidth to about 30 megabits per second. So if you have less bandwidth, we’ll give you a lower resolution.”

So, in order to access the impressive milestone of 4K which was announced at GDC 2019, you’ll be asked to play with a 30 Mbps Internet connection, but lower resolution will be handled by slower connections, too.

Harrison also detailed what you’ll be needed in terms of hardware to play those Stadia games.

“Chromecast is the way that you reach TV at launch,” he said, adding that “in order to reach our Chromecast, you need the Stadia controller.”

So, the Xbox controller or any other USB device will be supported on PC, but not on your television via Chromecast, since it only works with the official controller over there.

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