Google Stadia Streaming Specs and Requirements Revealed

Google revealed various details about the Google Stadia today, including the quality you will be able to stream in, and the required internet connection to take advantage of the service.

The Pro subscription, which costs $9.99 a month, will allow streaming at up to 4K resolution, and 60 FPS. You will also need to have at least a 35mbps line to stream at maximum settings. The minimal requirement to use the service is 10bmps down, with 1mpbps up, which will get you 720p resolution.

stadia bandwidth requirements

The Google gamepad is recommended, as it is designed with game streaming in mind. After that, all you need is a screen to display the game on.

At launch, you will need Google’s Chromecast to run Stadia, but it will function in the future with any Google device that runs Chrome. There will also be a founders edition, available for $129, that will include Google’s gamepad, a Chromecast Ultra, Destiny 2, and three months subscription to the service.

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