Google Stadia: Digital Foundry Tests Latency And Performance

Digital Foundry was super quick in uploading a new video analysis of Google Stadia, which has been able to test at GDC 2019.

The video, which you can see below, provides a quick look at the controller and the technology behind the platform.

On top of that, of course, you can watch how Stadia works in terms of actual latency and performances in the clip below.

The test was conducted on Google Fiber, and had 0-40 ms latency added in comparison with the Xbox One X.

Compared to PC, it added 33-54 ms latency using the best case scenario, and 55-76ms using the 15 Mbps settings.

DF was also able to test the feature that allows you to go from a YouTube video directly to the game you’re watching, and confirmed it only took 5 seconds.

The controller is equipped with USB type-C, so you can use it on your computer with a cable, but also with Wi-Fi, meaning that it is directly connected to the server and not to your particular device.

You can watch the video below, or head over here for the full analysis.

Google Stadia is set to release in 2019 and the Mountain View giant has already provided some of the details in terms of Internet connection required to play it.

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