Google Stadia Will Be Missing Some Key Features At Launch

Google Stadia

The news dropped last week about Google Stadia only having 12 games when it launches next week. Only one of them being a system exclusive. We have more interesting details about their discussion.

Beri Lee and Andrey Doronichev from the Stadia team recently jumped on to Reddit for a special AMA session, answering questions about the upcoming cloud-based game system. They detailed how several promised features for Stadia will be missing at launch.

First off, it appears that Stream Connect, Stadia’s multiplayer connectivity portal, won’t be live at launch. The team noted that the first game to support the service would launch before the year’s end, but this could spell bad news for those of you that wanted to form a battle party with Destiny 2: The Collection upon launch. They did not specify about Red Dead Redemption 2’s online component, either.

Also, there’s some selective support with the Chromecast Ultra. Only the Stadia systems initially packaged with one will work with them. Otherwise, users have to wait for an update after launch, which is “over the air soon,” according to the team.

They also confirmed that Achievements won’t be ready in time for the system’s launch, but will be kept track of so when the feature does go live, they won’t be left behind. Users are also expected to purchase games through their smartphone because there won’t be any UI on the system.

Family Sharing won’t be available either. They do note that parents can adjust parental controls through Family Link, but won’t be able to share games. They suggested buying multiple copies of a game for those who can’t wait. Otherwise, the “high priority” feature will be on hand sometime in 2020.

The whole thread is available here, filled with new details galore. But some are growing slightly concerned as to whether Google Stadia is launching too early.

Google Stadia arrives on Nov. 19.