Google Teases “Future Of Gaming” Reveal At GDC 2019


As you might remember, Google will hold a keynote focused on gaming at next week’s Game Developers Conference 2019.

The reveal is rumored to be revolving around the streaming service Project Stream and a dedicated gaming box coming with it.

Interestingly, Google has launched a video teaser to further hype the announcement, which now clearly looks like something big is on the way.

“Join us March 19, 2019 10AM PDT live at as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming,” says the description.

It does look like something big is on the way, of course, but it’ll remain to be seen what it is.

Project Stream by itself, since it was already revealed and launched in a private beta last year, doesn’t seem to be great enough, though.

A box like Chromecast just to use the platform? Well, that could be it, but again it wouldn’t be the greatest announcement of it all.

So, based on a report from Liam Robertson, we heard a few months ago that the console is capable of rivalring with PlayStation and Xbox in terms of power.

That would be great enough. We’ll discover Mountain View company’s intentions in less than a week from now.

You can watch the teaser below.