Gran Turismo 7 sports hundreds of cars and around 100 tracks

There’s plenty for fans to be excited about.

Image via PlayStation Studios

The Gran Turismo series has a rocky history, especially in recent years. Gran Turismo Sport may be pretty feature-rich today with its post-launch support, but it was lacking on day one. Luckily, a recent Twitter user’s post indicates Gran Turismo 7 is back on track to offer a more complete launch-day experience for hardcore fans.

Twitter user bookkyamp posted several images of a Japanese Gran Turismo 7 pamphlet, the contents of which have been translated by PettyWingman on the GT Planet website. According to the user’s translation, Gran Turismo 7 features over 420 cars and over 90 tracks. The car selection is comprised of over 60 brands. This upcoming entry also marks the return of GT Mode, which was absent from Gran Turismo Sport.

GT Mode was a form of career progression in which players began with a tiny wallet and had to buy a used car. This initially cheap car would become more viable in competitions as players bought new upgrades and tuned it. Gran Turismo 7 launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 4, 2022, as the first cross-generation entry in the series. For historical context, Gran Turismo 6 came out a month after the PS4 launched, yet it remained a PlayStation 3 exclusive.