Grandia I and II remasters coming to Nintendo Switch and that’s wonderful

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The cult classic Grandia series is getting a triumphant return this winter in the form of remastered versions of Grandia I and II for Nintendo Switch. Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment made the announcement today.

Grandia follows a young man named Justin, who stumbles upon a journey to save the world after messing around in a ruin from the lost Angelous Civilization. Grandia II follows a Geohound named Ryudo who’s tasked with guarding a young woman during a special ritual meant to seal away an ancient god. Both are important milestones in classic RPG history, and highly recommended if you’re a fan of games like Alundra or the Tales series.

The series, which originally began back in 1997, hasn’t seen a new entry since 2009, with Grandia Online. It was shut down in 2012. GungHo Online Entertainment uploaded a slightly retooled Anniversary Edition of Grandia II on Steam in 2015, but perhaps these new remasters will reassess overall interest in the series. The success of Octopath Traveler illustrates a great hunger for JRPGs on the Nintendo Switch.

Grandia III, which released in 2005, was the last “real” game that wasn’t a multiplayer or battle-focused endeavor, so it’s high time we hear more from the brand.

You’ll be able to check out Grandia II HD at PAX West 2018, which kicks off next week on Aug. 31.