Alien Invasion Could Be Descending on GTA Online Surrounding New Rumors


There have been multiple rumors, hints, and teases by Rockstar about aliens coming to GTA V. The rumors first began back in 2013 when players discovered the first alien encased in ice. Now, there’s an even more apparent hint placed by Rockstar about the alien invasion taking over Los Santos.

Players can venture around the game and locate a black and white poster of an alien with the words “Los Santos 2020” underneath it. The alien on the signs looks eerily similar to the one frozen in the ice, back in 2013. They both have the large mouth full of teeth, with razor-slits for eyes, and a strapping chin. They’d be difficult to hide in a crowd amongst the regular citizens of a modern world.

The images of the post were first shown on Reddit by user Galmaman96 who found the poster attached to the side of a blue and white RV.

It’s the most exact information GTA V players have had in years. While Rockstar has had fun teasing and poking at the idea of introducing aliens to the game, they have seldom ever provided a date.

The breach further into the realm of speculation, eager fans of scoured the game files following the GTA V’s Aug. 15 update. Those who went deeper discovered further mentions to an alien invasion. These game files went to the GTA Forums, and The Game File Gurus twitter page shared them. You can see the tweet they sent out regarding the specific files they discovered, below.

As of right now, this is all of the information we have to go on regarding a possible invasion heading to GTA Online. The clues are there, and Rockstar’s need to highlight the 2020 year could mean there are brand new things to expect from the game series moving forward. Given the hype and success behind the Diamond Casino, Rockstar fans have become used to getting teased and waiting years for the payoff.