GTA 6 Rumored To Be Next-Gen, Featuring Multiple Big Cities

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games among those which don’t exist yet, and a minimum run of rumors has started to pop up on the Internet already.

It’s worth noting that Rockstar Games is very good in keeping secrets, so there’s a good chance that these rumors are fakes built by fans to grab some attention.

Anyway, the latest is rather interesting since we’ve learned something similar in the past, that the next Grand Theft Auto game could be based on multiple cities.

This mechanic would allow you to travel to and from these cities in total freedom, also thanks to a lot of highways and smaller countries. The game would also be featuring flashbacks and different timelines for you to travel across based on the point in the story. Interestingly, dialogues would work similarly to what we’ve seen with Red Dead Redemption 2.

In the game, you would play as a drug lord, starting as a small time guy in Liberty City and then joining a famed gang in Vice City. The title would bring you to that second stage slowly since you’d have your time in LC first doing thefts and jobs to increase your crime rank.

As for the release, the game would expectedly be in the making for the next generation platforms, and Rockstar would be waiting for them to be spread enough to justify the release. So it could still take a few years before the userbase of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett is wide enough to witness the launch of GTA 6.

The rumor looks somewhat believable, in the sense that it doesn’t claim impossible things are going to happen with the game and its development, but until we don’t get more info (and from more reliable sources: it comes from Pastebin) we’ll wait to offer a confirm or get to enthusiast about it.