GTA Online’s newest supercar is the Viseris, and it’s out today


GTA Online is getting a new car today, and for once it’s not prohibitively expensive. It’ll be available for purchase in GTA Online for just 875,000, which shouldn’t be too expensive to keep you from adding it to your collection. It’ll be up for grabs at Legendary Motorsports and you can customize it to your liking with several different colors. It’s also more than just eye candy, with machine guns and other defensive goodies to keep enemies off your back. Not only that, but it’ll speed up to about 147 mph. Ridiculously fast, but GTA Online is all about excess, to be honest. 

The car will land with the latest GTA Online update, which also comes with double RP and GTA $ for any Lester Contact Missions and other goodies that will run through Jan. 16. As part of the Viseris’ debut, you can also get 25 percent off other vehicle upgrades. With an opportunity like this one, it’s probably a good time to go ahead and pick up the other cars you’ve been looking to pick up. 

GTA Online recently introduced a new set of heists and additional content after a lengthy Halloween and Christmas event set, as well as a bunch of new cars for players to pick up. It’s been seeing plenty of new stuff being added to the game in general, so if you’ve got a Grand Theft Auto itch that needs to be scratched, you might find that GTA Online ticks all the familiar boxes off for you.