Get Along or Get Killed in Hardcore Co-Op Shooter GTFO, in Early Access Today


Gamers aren’t always the friendliest, most-encouraging folk, but those looking to jump into the new cooperative horror shooter GTFO, brought to you by the minds behind the PAYDAY franchise, better suck it up and make nice. This ain’t your mama’s Left 4 Dead.

GTFO is a cooperative horror shooter where players need to communicate as a team, or fear enemies overrunning their position. Not only do players need to make sure they communicate and stay on the same page, but they have to exercise flexibility in the face of all their plans being blown up. The game enters early access today.

In it, players embark on a mission sent out by the mysterious Warden, who asks of them a particular task. The team has to work together by talking about the tools they brought with them, using them to work around any traps they encounter, and preparing for the enemies waiting for them in the dark. Without a team member using the proper tool, someone could set off an alarm and give away their position.

The developers, Stockholm, Sweden-based 10 Chambers Collective, have said they want to provide a cooperative experience for players who need to communicate. If a team doesn’t talk to their partners, and someone goes off to do something away from their teammates, everything wrong starts to happen.

Everyone has to move together as a unit to how easily enemies can overwhelm a single member. Additionally, some puzzles will block the player’s process, and those who don’t have the correct tools will cause further havoc. Players can expect the maps and atmosphere to change during the game’s early access before it officially releases.

“Each work order in the Rundown represents an expedition into a different part of the Complex where the environment, the population of monsters, the objective, and other conditions can all be vastly different and offer diverse gaming experiences,” said Simon Viklund, a member of 10 Chambers Collective’s narrative team, in a press release.

10 Chambers Collective expects GTFO to remain in early access for at least a year. It’s available through Steam starting at 12pm PST.