Guerrilla Games Named Its Decima Engine In Honor Of Kojima Productions

We’ve well documented the relationship between Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions over the last few months.

The Horizon and Killzone developer has offered its engine to the makers of Death Stranding after Kojima left Konami and didn’t have any technology at his disposal.

Recently, a private demo of the much anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive has been played at the Amsterdam office to share the latest progress in the game’s development.

Anyway, new details about the collaboration keep popping up on the net, with the latest being particularly exciting and significative.

Indeed, technical director Michiel van der Leeuw shared that the Decima Engine has been named like this in honor of Kojima Productions.

When it was built, it didn’t have any name. Once in contact with Kojima, anyway, Guerrilla decided to refer “to the Japanese island of Dejima, once the focal point of Dutch trade relations with the Japanese,” as shared in an interview with TNW.

Van der Leeuw also addressed why the studio wanted to create some brand new tech to use in its next titles, Killzone Shadow Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn.

“We like to make things, our company attracts a lot of inventor types. For us, it’s important to feel like we’re in charge of what we’re going to do next.

You think: this third-party service we’re using isn’t just going to disappear. Then something like Morpheme, which is an animation suite, gets bought up by Zynga and Zynga pulls the plug. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s just better to make things yourself.”

That’s quite a bold standing from the developer and one which has been enabled mostly thanks to the funding by Sony.

It’ll be interesting to note whether the Decima Engine can become some middleware for first-party Sony Worldwide Studios in the future since it’s so performing and great looking.

Guerrilla Games Named Its Engine Decima In Honor Of Kojima Productions