Guerrilla’s Next Game By R6 Siege Director To Have Multiplayer, Tournaments, Clans


Guerrilla Games has recently hired Rainbow Six Siege’s director Simon Larouche to build a new game. While we don’t know what he could up to, it was almost a given that he would look into a new Killzone title, since that’s what Guerrilla usually does.

A recent job listing, posted on Twitter by Larouche himself, hints at what this game could be, and it seems like it is heavily focusing on multiplayer.

Specifically, the game Guerrilla is hiring for will be featuring “matchmaking, tournaments, clans, and leaderboards.”

So, whatever this title is, it’s really focusing on multiplayer, perhaps even more than the usual Killzone games.

Unless the studio isn’t going for a heavy push on multiplayer for the franchise, this could be an entirely different game at all.

This version of the story would guess that there could be three games in the making at Guerrilla, like this one from the director of Rainbow Six Siege, a Killzone game, and Horizon 2.

Otherwise, the second team outside of Horizon 2, which we know is in the making now, could just be working on another title, and that title could not be Killzone or at least could be a bit different Killzone.

Anyway, it’s very early days, since the team is just staffing up, so it’ll take a bit more time in order we, and probably Guerrilla, gets its ideas clearer.