Guild Wars 2’s Next Expansion, Secrets of the Obscure, Arrives This Summer

Secrets of the Obscure arrives to Guild Wars 2 to close out the summer, adding several new areas, two Strike Missions, and gameplay features.

Image via ArenaNet

The fourth expansion to arrive in Guild Wars 2 has been named Secret of the Obscure. Players will have the chance to explore a new region as they dive into the secrets of The Wizard’s Tower, which has been floating above Tyria for the past twenty years.

The expansion will be arriving before the end of summer. The expansion will have multiple gameplay features, several maps, and two Strike Missions for players to work alongside their allies to complete.

Secrets of the Obscure Comes With Exporable Maps, Strikes, and Much More

Image via ArenaNet

Secrets of the Obscure will be arriving on August 22, 2023, for all Guild Wars 2 players. The expansion will sell at $24.99 before it launches, and players can purchase it to prepare for the upcoming content.

When purchasing the expansion, Guild Wars 2 players will receive access to two explorable maps with a third arriving in the future, a new hub area inside the Wizard’s Tower, two Strike Missions, and several additional gameplay features. One of these features is the arrival of the Astral Ward, a band of treasure hunters who have been working to help protect the world, and will be offering the chance for players to accept monster hunts and bounty contracts to earn multiple rewards.

Another major gameplay feature coming to Guild Wars 2 with the Secrets of Obscure expansion is Weaponmaster Training. This will allow players to use equipped weapons they previously could with an elite specialization, expanding their builds and abilities.

To give players a chance to test out the Weaponmaster Training before the release of Secrets of the Obscure, Guild Wars 2 will host a special beta event from June 29, 2023, to July 2, 2023, for all players. There will be a Weaponmaster Training feature that players can test out with a beta character slot to test out any upcoming weapons builds they can create using this system.

For players who wish to go beyond the standard expansion for Guild Wars 2, there will be a Deluxe Edition going for $49.99 and an Ultimate Edition going for $74.99. The Deluxe Edition comes with the Feathered Raptor mount, a Magic Juggle emote, a character slot, and an Identity Repair Kit. The Ultimate Kit comes with all of that, plus 4,000 Gems.

The Secrets of Obscure expansion goes on sale now on Guild Wars 2’s website, and there’s a special expansion website players can check out ahead of the official launch.