Gun Game is returning to Call of Duty: Mobile for limited time

Gun Game is back for a limited time in the mobile shooter.

Plenty of content is coming to the Call of Duty series this week, with the mobile game getting an old-favorite game mode back: Gun Game.

The mode, which has you progress through a list of guns with every kill, is live now. You can start climbing your way through the lists of weapons, but be sure to not be “humiliated” by a melee kill, which you back a level.

In addition to Gun Game, the season of Steel Legion continues on, and you can unlock the game’s newest killstreak, the Shock RC. This small, controllable RC car can help you detect nearby enemies and stun them with a steady electric shock, giving you time to swoop in for the kill. Simply play games and work your way up to Free Battle at Tier 25.

Additionally, there are more weekly challenges for you to work on, and more opportunities to level up in Ranked mode. The Ranked mode for this season will last until June 1, so there is still plenty of time to earn an Epic skin for Ruin and the Man-O-War.

Also for the franchise, Modern Warfare is getting an update to its playlist, bringing the Scattershot and Sniper modes to Warzone.