H1Z1 Battle Royale Announces Season 3 Details


Fans of H1Z1 Battle Royale for PlayStation 4, get ready! The game’s Season 3 update includes a new battle pass, competitive ranked leaderboards, and a new game mode: a Free For All deathmatch.

The FFA deathmatch will have 50 players facing off in a small arena. If they die, they instantly respawn back into the action. The winner of the mode is the first player to reach 25 kills, or the one with the most kills after the match’s 15-minute timer goes off. The developers plan to expand the deathmatch mode to feature 100 players in the future.

Players also have access to a new training mode where they can test their desired loadouts before using them in a real game.

The newly released ranked leaderboards track player’s progress across all of H1Z1’s available battle modes. The ranking system has six different tiers, the lowest being Bronze and the highest being Master. After every new season, the leaderboards get set to zero and players have to earn the top spot all over again.

The developers have a more in-depth article about ranked leaderboards located here.

H1Z1’s new battle pass is the game’s biggest yet, featuring 100 tiers of rewards and challenges for players to unlock, along with a brand new reward type. There are three ways you can purchase the game’s battle pass using crowns, H1Z1’s premium currency:

  • For 1,000 crowns you gain the basic battle pass
  • For 4,400 crowns you get the basic version, plus the first 30 tiers unlocked
  • For 9,600 crowns you get the basic battle pass and unlock all 100 tiers

Season 3 also introduces the chance for players who purchase the battle pass the capability to earn crowns as they level up their battle pass. If a player unlocks the entire battle pass, they should receive 1,290 crowns. That’s enough to purchase next season’s battle pass if the price remains the same.

The developers did not dive into the finer gameplay improvements and bug fixes they plan to introduce in Season 3. However, they do plan to release the full patch notes in a different post before Season 3 officially launches on Feb. 21, so keep an out for it.