Hacked Pokémon being traded to Sword and Shield through Twitch channel bot

A bot is making it easy to get the best possible Pokémon with minimal work.

Sword and Shield

Hacked Pokémon have been around for a long time. Many veteran players may remember apps like Ciro’s Pokémon Maker that allows players to create custom Pokémon and add them to the game. The Twitch channel OaksLab is continuing the tradition in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Normally, to get hacked Pokémon you would need custom firmware on your Switch. OaksLab gets around that problem by automatically creating trade codes players can use in-game. The process is fairly simple and uses a Twitch bot called AutoBrock.

Players create Pokémon using the team builder on Pokémon Showdown. Showdown is a pretty basic website, and the teambuilder is straight-forward and easy to use. Once you finish creating the Pokémon, you can export the data to text. Drop the text into the chatbox on the OaksLab channel with $trade before it, then activate Autobrock by typing /w @autobrock and the four-digit trade code you want to use in-game. The bot will say it is ready to trade with you in the chat when the Pokémon has been created. Finally, just go into the game and search for the trade code you created and send off a trash Pokémon to exchange for your new custom Pokémon.

There is a catch, though. While OaksLab is letting players create custom Pokémon, they are not allowing the creation of overpowered super Pokémon. The Pokémon cannot have outrageous stats that would be impossible to get in-game normally. The bot will not allow any Pokémon to be created that would not be acceptable for use in official Pokémon tournaments and events.

The bot is also taking longer and longer to generate custom Pokémon due to its growing popularity.