Hacker Finds The Headless Body Of Lisa In P.T.

Hacker discovers new secrets in P.T., the playable teaser for now canceled Silent Hills video game. The Hacker discovered the headless body of the ghostly Lisa.

P.T. was a playable teaser for Silent Hills that was magically dropped on the PlayStation network in 2014. The teaser was praised for its atmosphere and overall scary-ness. You play as a mysterious man through the first-person camera, and you are stuck in an endless loop in a terrifying hallway.

The man is followed by a mysterious ghost, whom gamers have presumed to be a woman named Lisa. After escaping from the loop, you enter an empty street, and the man turned out to be played by American actor Norman Reedus.

The game was going to be published by Konami, and was going to be directed by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame. However, a rift between Kojima and Konami led to Kojima leaving Konami and making Death Stranding instead. Silent Hills was instead canceled, and the P.T. was removed from the PSN.

Despite that, the legacy of P.T. continues, with many indie video games taking inspiration from it. Many fans are still fascinated with the teaser, and several have hacked the game to discover new things about.

One of these hackers is Lance McDonald. A few weeks back, McDonald discovered a creepy trick that P.T. used to convey that Lisa was always following the player. Lisa is always behind the player; the moment the mysterious man gets a flashback, Lisa is automatically behind them.

McDonald later finds the corpse of Lisa within the game’s data. In the beginning parts of the game, there’s a door in the hallway that leads to the bathroom. Players cannot gain access to the bathroom until they solve a puzzle later in the teaser. Once players do enter the bathroom, they find a strange fetus-like creature making noises in the sink.

The bathroom is already very frightening as is, but McDonald found something even creepier in the bathroom, the headless corpse of Lisa in the bathtub. It’s an unsettling image, and the corpse is only in the tub during the early parts of the game when the door to the bathroom is closed and impossible to access under normal gameplay.

Check out McDonald’s other discovers in the game in this video he posted on YouTube.