Hacker made beautiful Star Fragment trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Take some notes, Nintendo.

Image via Twitter.com/Soguumm

Once players get all their favorite villagers and invite K.K. Slider to play on their island, the gameplay can become stagnant. The only thing left to do is terraform and decorate. The end game is customization. With such an emphasis on decorating, players are getting creative with their islands. One hacker created beautiful Star Fragment trees to customize their island to their liking. 

Nintendo doesn’t approve of hackers, even ones that are focusing on creativity. As tempting as the end result may be, we don’t recommend trying it yourself. 

Twitter user Soguumm posted several images and a video of their island. In a mini island tour, Soguumm showed off their beautiful island, complete with hacked trees. The trees have Star Fragments growing where fruit or money would usually grow.

It’s a beautiful effect that adds an ethereal aesthetic to their island. And we’re jealous. 

Star Fragments are a rare item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Only found during meteor showers by wishing on falling stars. Star Fragments will be along the beach the next morning. They’re used to create rare, celestial furniture. There are regular Star Fragments and special ones that correlate to the constellation associated with the month. For instance, April’s meteor shower may drop Taurus Fragments. These are rarer and may only have one or two on the beach during the meteor shower.

Another batch of photos shows the Star Fragments aren’t the only decorations. Other trees have crystal hearts while others have gold nuggets. 

Based on a comment on one of the posts, the trees are actually money trees with an item replaced. If the item is harvested, it will not grow back, unlike fruit trees. Since they can’t be harvested, the tree is purely for aesthetics. While it’s still a hack, at least it can’t be used to constantly harvest Star Fragments outside of the usual mechanics.

As creative as it is, Nintendo doesn’t like players hacking their games and will likely release a patch to prevent similar changes in the future. Again, we don’t recommend trying this, for the safety of your game file.