Half-Life 2 and Portal Co-Writer Eric Wolpaw Returns To Valve

Good news for those of you who are still hoping for Half-Life 3 to be released anytime soon: several Valve staffers who were supposed to develop the game have returned to the Steam company.

An email reportedly coming from Gabe Newell himself has confirmed that Eric Wolpaw has returned to Valve.

The return has most probably happened in the final quarter of 2018, since Wolpaw is also featured in Artifact credits. The game has released last November.

It’s a good news especially if you consider that he’s worked not only on Half-Life 2 and episodes, but on Portal, too. He’s been the co-writer to those projects.

It’s good to recall that Marc Laidlaw and Jay Pinkerton have also returned to Valve, with the latter making his comeback in July 2018.

2017-2018 was a couple years where the makers of Half-Life lost a lot of staffers, which hinted that the studio wasn’t interested anymore in making games.

Something has changed anyway during the last few months, not only with these returns being a huge hint but also with Artifact releasing, Campo Santo being acquired, and Newell revealing the team is re-assembling to work on more outside of older titles and Steam.

This is not to say we’re getting Half-Life 3 anytime soon, but sure enough it looks like the studio is getting back in the game development business and more news from its IPs could be just around the corner.

Half-Life 2 and Portal Co-Writer Eric Wolpaw Returns To Valve

Source: VG247.com