Halo Infinite E3 2019 Demo Running On PC, First Next-Gen Showing?


As we get closer and closer to E3 2019, we learn more details about what Microsoft is cooking for its Xbox media briefing, which goes live on Sunday, June 9, 22:00 CET. It’s going to feature a lot of game reveals and announcements so you won’t want to miss it for any reason.

While we’ve not received any leaks (yet), thanks to Brad Sams of Thurrott we get to learn first information about what’s happening around Halo Infinite and how the game will try and steal the show at E3 2019 with a brutal display of power.

As shared by Sams, who’s proven a reliable source over the next few years, the game will be “the first real showing of the next generation.” Moreover, this means that 343 Industries and its newest engine SlipSpace might have genuinely delivered.

On top of that, as Xbox Scarlett won’t be shown running any title, the Halo Infinite demo should be “from a PC with an Xbox controller as they ‘don’t want the first impression of the new game to be running on the now dated Xbox One hardware.” That makes sense as they might want the title to look as good as possible at the gameplay unveil.

Sams also reports that the press conference will have a substantial first-party presence, with Project xCloud which will be part of the show and possibly three new IP coming from the Xbox Game Studios, and also third party devs and publishers will have what is said to be “the strongest showings (…) in its E3 history.”

Have you already marked the appointment on your calendars?