Halo Infinite Will Be At E3 2019, First Details

According to 343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross, Halo Infinite will be at the E3 2019 Xbox media briefing.

She’s not really revealed more information outside of the game’s presence at the event, which is expected to drop at some point in June.

Anyway, Ross did confirm that the game will be there, and that there will be some focus on the new SlipSpace engine.

Game director Chris Lee will provide more details on the title itself, too, but the focus will truly be on what the engine is capable of bringing to the franchise.

The studio is likely to offer a first look from the game, but that’s what they’ll say at this stage, since they’re proud of the work they’ve done on the SlipSpace and probably want to still keep a bit of secrecy about the story.

Anyway, it’s good to note that 343 Industries is dealing with the game as a “spiritual reboot,” which is leading right to the roots of what the Halo franchise means in terms of story and gameplay.

Interestingly, though, it’s still a sequel, according to the developers, so don’t expect anything like a spin-off or a prequel of sorts.

Via GameSpot