343 Industries Reveals New Halo: Infinite Art, Says 2020 Will Be a Big Year For the Franchise

Halo Infinite Concept Art Revealed

With a new post that just went up on the Halo Waypoint site, 343 Industries is taking off for the rest of the year. But it’s not closing down quietly, as it has provided new pieces of concept art for Halo Infinite, and discussed what’s on the way for 2020.

The concept art is below, and it shows off a stunning new side of the Halo universe. The first features a soldier looking at what appears to be a somewhat magical pool, with an energy spark in the center of it.

Halo Infinite

There’s also this one, revealing some fantastic lighting on an vital piece of Halo’s past.

Halo Infinite

The team then discussed what’s confirmed for the game thus far. The details include its holiday 2020 release window, its platform (the Xbox Series X, previous Xbox One platforms and Windows PC), and the story timing, which follows the conclusion of Halo 5: Guardians.

There is also a list of confirmed features, such as split-screen, LAN support, player customization (with armoring options like Halo: Reach possesses), and more.

Studio head Bonnie Ross then spoke about what’s been happening as of late, and what’s to come. “As we wrap up 2019 I wanted to take a moment to thank the Halo community for all of your support and engagement over the last year – your passion, energy, and feedback constantly reminds us of how important this franchise and universe is to all of us, and it fuels our efforts across everything we do,” she said.

Ross also spoke a little bit about the Showtime Halo series that’s currently in production. “I had the opportunity to spend a week in Budapest on the set of the upcoming Showtime Halo TV series, and seeing the care and dedication of a different industry bringing our universe to life for a different medium was energizing.”

She added, “I know you’ve all waited patiently for this series, and I can say, without doubt, that the team working on this project is as passionate about Halo as anyone. It is in good hands, and I can’t wait for when more will be shared.”

And finally, Ross concluded, “I want to thank the amazingly talented and dedicated team here at 343 Industries for your continued dedication, hard work, and fan focus. Through that, you accomplished so much to release Halo: Reach and push the development of Halo Infinite to new heights, setting us up for a HUGE 2020. You amaze me every day.”

With that, 343 provided one more present to fans — double XP for both Halo 5: Guardians and all the games in the Master Chief Collection, including Reach, for the remainder of the year.

Check out the full blog update here, and have a nice Halo-day.